Webinar Recording available: The very first webinar on Russian Information Security Market in English!

On July 11th, 2017 InfoSecurity Russia Team hosted the first webinar on Russian market insights. Large buyer, value aded distributor and a global vendor successfully operating on Russian market shared their best practices and market entry tips.

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Last Minute Webinar Sign Up: How to sell in Russia?

Have you ever thought of expanding your business to Russia?

To present unique instruments for reaching your business goals in Russia we invite you to join the upcoming webinar on the Information Security Market Insights in Russia.

Topics: InfoSecurity Russia Webinar Market Insights & Overview

Russian data center market

Russia’s demand for data centre services has been rapidly growing over the last few years. This has been driven by the development of corporate IT systems alongside the demand for backup services for the growing volume of business critical data. Moscow is becoming a hotspot for technology investment as almost 65% of the net area of Russia’s data centre space is located here.

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Russian Market: Don't Buy The Restrictions Story

Information security is one of the most popular ICT topics in Russia. Local companies have an increasing demand for information security solutions due to increasing сyber attacks, both in number and sophistication.

Official statistics from the  Russian Central Bank shows that last year the number of cyber-attacks in the Russian banking sphere  increased by 30%.
For the last two years Russian credit and financial sector loss due to fraud increased on average by 26.8%, in the telecommunications sector - by 6,8%, in retail - 16 % depending on the segment. 

The Russian market for protection against DDoS attacks is far from saturation, and by the year 2020 its volume is about to reach $ 32 million.

Topics: InfoSecurity Russia Market Insights & Overview

Firewalls review

According to IDC, in the fourth quarter of 2016 the global market for security devices shown quantitative and qualitative growth. The main factor for that is the growing demand for UTM systems. Over the last five years their sales have almost tripled, and in 2016 reached $ 5.6 billion. Sales of firewalls and control systems have also increased for 10.4% and 0.8%.

38.1% of InfoSecurity Russia visitors are interested in firewalls and VPN. Specialists from industrial enterprises, financial organizations and retail companies come to the show to learn about new products and choose the most effective ones.

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Russia Anti-DDoS Services Market

According to IDC Worldwide DDoS Prevention Products and Services Forecast, the global market of DDoS-attacks protection (software solutions and services) tend to have aggregate average annual growth rate of 11% in years from 2015 to 2020, and the 2020 figure will exceed $1 billion. 

Financial sector is one of those vertical markets that will always have a stable demand for DDoS attacks protection services. Various Russian banks and payment systems are not only exposed to traditional hacker attacks aimed at stealing money from accounts, but to quite powerful DDoS-attacks as well. 

Topics: InfoSecurity Russia Anti-DDoS Services Market Insights & Overview